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Green Line

The respect to the environment is our commitment and at the same time our biggest challenge, for this reason in Varnishing and Lacquing La Ría we are committing with new materials, methods, processes and innovative technologies that mean a positive contribution to the ecology.

In this sense we want to point out you that the restoration of furniture involves reuses and recyclings with a high added value not only for the value of the piece of furniture but also to preserve the richness of the environment.

This is the commitment acquired by Varnishing and Lacquing La Ría in our GREEN LINE of varnishing and lacquing, among we highlight the following methods:

 .The processes of varnishing in the external carpentry that we carry out in their integrity with water-based lacquers free of VOCs, volatile organic compounds.

 . We have the most modern water-based lacquers that we use in the house-works in order to produce the smallest nuisances to our clients, due to these lacquers are odourless.

 . We offer to our clients a wide range of home made oils and varnishes, free of toxic elements, that we use in goings over and restorations.

  1. -. ofrecemos a nuestros clientes una amplia gama de aceites y barnices artesanos que utilizamos en los repasos y restauraciones libres de elementos tóxicos.

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Thursday 27 December 2012, by Muestras